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Group Fitness

Group exercise classes are included with your membership. At this time class reservations are not required. Please always check the online schedule for real-time updates, cancellations, and closures.

Our Monmouth-Independence and Withnell branch studios are reflected in the online view. Please filter out the M-I (Independence) or Withnell (Salem) studio view to see your area of interest.

Online Class Schedule and Reservations

Printable Class Schedules

  • Find the printable schedule for the Salem Withnell Family Y HERE
  • Find the printable schedule for M-IY HERE
  • Find the printable schedule for Silver Falls HERE


Become the musician in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training, with yoga and pilates-type movements.

Indoor Cycling (Spin)  

​If you're looking for a dedicated community to help you stay motivated, a cycling group exercise class at the Y may be the fitness formula for you. Cycling is a low-impact way to engage your whole body, build endurance, burn fat, and have fun. Also called Spinning, the workout uses a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting.

HIIT - High-Intensity Interval Training   

A total body, heart pumping, aerobic, and strength conditioning workout.

Boot Camp  

This is a high-intensity, military-style workout class. It will incorporate cardiovascular and strength training. This class routine will vary from obstacle courses to circuit training This is for all levels of physical fitness.

Body Flex

Using traditional weight training techniques set to music, this class enables you to achieve extra muscle tone to help reshape your body, increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and bone density.


Rejuvenate, strengthen, and heal your body. This class is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles.

Y Barre  

A total-body workout that fuses ballet-based Barre work with strength training and core work.


An exercise fitness program that combines motivational music with Latin dance moves and combinations that allow you to dance away your worries. This class uses interval and resistance training to burn fat, tone muscles, and give a total body workout.

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance®

Tai Chi for Seniors: Improve Your Physical and Mental Health With This Gentle Modified Form of Exercise

Are you looking to reduce stress while improving your balance and core strength? Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance involves low-impact movements for seniors — even those with limited movement. You can even participate from a chair.

Tai Chi is an evidence-based effective exercise for seniors that can lower blood pressure, improve balance and promote a general sense of well-being. According to the Centers for Disease Control and national health agencies, Tai Chi when practiced regularly reduces the risk of falling by 55 percent.

Those who want a whole-body exercise may find Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance to be the answer they have been looking for.

Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Simplified 24 Yang Style is the most popular form of Tai Chi practiced around the world and consists of slow continuous, soft and circular movements in a flowing form.

The art of Tai Chi is sometimes described as "moving meditation" because it stimulates the mind, body, and spirit. Health benefits include lower blood pressure, and increased muscle strength and flexibility. Since this Tai Chi Form contains only 24 movements, gently introduced in a stress-free environment, it provides a perfect way to experience the health benefits no matter your current fitness level.

What You Can Learn About Yourself in Group Fitness

1. You are not alone

While working out on your own will burn calories, the environment of group fitness promotes camaraderie, accountability, and support among all the class participants. After a few classes, the faces become familiar, and your own motivation increases. 

2. You can do hard things

It’s easy to talk yourself out of pushing through the last couple of reps or the last five minutes of a run. In a group fitness class, however, you have plenty of external motivation to amplify your own internal determination. The instructor will provide encouragement and form correction, so your workout is safe, effective, and fun. Don’t be surprised if you work harder and burn more calories than you do in an individual workout. 

3. You can enjoy exercise

Group class is great for preventing workout stagnation. The Y's group fitness instructors bring fresh, new, and fun material to class to keep your mind interested and your muscles working hard. With the music, choreography, and exercises already planned, all that is left for you to do is give it your all.

(Adapted from the YMCA of Middle Tennessee)