When you make a donation to the Y, you give more than money. You give opportunities to children and families that they cannot provide for themselves—opportunities to strengthen spirit, mind, and body in a community-centered, faith-based environment that is unique to the YMCA.

Every donation helps create a positive future for the children and families of our community. Here is one of our favorites.

Grandkids Love Dancing

familyGrandmothers are special people, and even more so when they take on the role of primary caregivers for their grandchildren. One such Grandmother had been looking all over Salem for programs that would let her grandsons participate, but several places turned them away because her two grandchildren have autism. When she found the Y, she was so happy to join and have a place where her family could belong!

What you don’t know about this family is that both grandkids love to dance! The YMCA Inspiration Dance Company welcomed both kids into classes and for the first time, they felt accepted. Participating in dance has helped socialize the children and allowed them to experience things they would never have had the chance to otherwise. Because of the progress they’ve made, both grandkids were able to attend Camp Greider last summer for the first time!

Help us continue to serve Grandparents and Grandchildren and many others in our community who need the Y. Your investment makes it possible for us to support children, teens, and adults -regardless of their ability to pay.

Donate now.