Pool parties are a fun and memorable way to celebrate your loved ones!  Please check the boxes below for pool party specifics at each branch location.  Some locations may have additional rental options – please contact the aquatics director at your branch for more information.

Birthday Party Package Flyer 2018

A fabulous birthday party for the budget conscious parent! Your child and up to 10 guests may swim in the pool for 90 minutes during Family Swim on Saturday (2-3:30 pm) or Sunday (2:30-4 pm) and then use the Youth Activity Center (YAC) for an hour after swimming, bringing in your own refreshments. Locker rooms are available for changing before heading to the YAC.

Swimmers are required to wear swimming suits. NO tank tops, t-shirts, basketball / gym shorts, or cut-offs allowed. Guests must shower before entering pool and follow all posted facility rules. Contact person is responsible for guests’ behavior throughout the YMCA facility during the designated rental times.

We encourage healthy drinks and snacks at the YMCA.

Please make sure swimmers have dried off and changed before going to the YAC. Must clean up after yourself and put items away in the YAC.

Call 503-503-9622 or email Sierra Hamill-Keane, Membership Coordinator at shamillkeane@theyonline.org to book your party!

Our pool facilities are available for parties and special occasions on weekends.

Call (503) 873-6456 for more information.